After several months and countless attempts, we managed to reach the mayor of Zrenjanin, we tried to talk about problems related to water supply, the employees of the "Water Factory" also talked to Mr. Salapur, and told him that the plant is ready for operation.

"We did not receive answers to our questions from the mayor, he did not know who was in charge of solving the problems with water supply, we expect the report of the independent commission to be presented to the public" said the workers of the "Water Factory" after the meeting. rekli su posle sastanka radnici “Fabrike vode”.

The mayor listened to our proposals and suggestions, however, as he told us, he cannot decide on the fate of the water factory, as well as the fact that that decision will be made by someone else, somewhere else.

The conclusion is that the fate of the citizens of Zrenjanin is decided by someone from the shadows, we hope and want to believe that reason will prevail and not the personal interests of individuals, who obviously make decisions instead of the mayor of Salapura.

We believe that this plant is able to meet the expectations and needs of the citizens of Zrenjanin, and we hereby invite all parties to direct all their energy towards solving this decades-long problem. We expect the mayor to present the report of an independent commission formed at his personal request.